Let's Create Your Content Strategy in 1 hour.

Unsure about what you should be blogging about? Not sure what your audience wants? What kind of Freebies to create with your blog posts?

Then this Strategy hour is right for you. Whether you're a solopreneur who writes her own blogs or a small business who needs a blogging plan to outsource, you're in the right place.


"It was SUCH a great experience with Stephanie. She can really pull out those juicy nuggets that really hit home with your customers. Her funnel approach to content gets me super excited to start creating content that my ideal clients will be attracted to. I feel very confident about the content calendar and strategy with execution being the cherry on top. If you want to have confidence in your content strategy, Stephanie is your go-to. Seriously!"

Jordan Gill. 


"I've loved writing since I was a little girl. But I write spontaneously, as I am. Zero structure, zero focus, just straight from the heart. I wasn't getting anywhere fast with my blogs. It took Stephanie a few questions, and in minutes she had a structure for me. She sent me the finalised version, not even 24 hours later, with the whole documented strategy. She gave me advice on how to write the blogs, and also how to collect leads from my website. If you are like me, love to write but do not want to bother with all the technical side, Stephanie is your solution for sure. She will give you the keywords and the full blogging plan all you need to do is write.

Angela Heck


The Outcome of this 1 Hour strategy Session, includes a comprehensive strategy document containing a list of Blog titles you can start writing straight away. Titles are SEO validated and designed around your ideal client and the keywords they are already looking for.


This will help you:

a) Write content that appeals to your ideal client avatar and brings in the right kind of leads and clients into your business. 

b) Brief any writer by just sending them this comprehensive document. 

c) Create the right freebie for each part of your funnel.

d) Get total clarity on what you need to do to attract the right readers for your blog.

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